Monday, December 8, 2008

Yankees and Diamondbacks to Hook Up?

Some of these posts are obviously pie-in-the-sky type deals, and while there's little chance of seeing them happen, that doesn't mean I don't think both teams would benefit from making the trade.

With that in mind comes word tonight (courtesy of Ken Rosenthal) that the Diamondbacks are looking to make room for Miguel Montero by trading catcher Chris Snyder and bringing in a veteran backup. Interesting, particularly in light of my earlier beliefs that Arizona matched up pretty well with the Yankees in a Cano for Young deal.

How about expanding that just a little? The Diamondbacks are looking for a 2B and some relief help with the departures of Hudson, Lyon, and Cruz. How about ...

Cano, Molina, and Britton for Snyder and Young

Early reports on Posada's recovery seem favorable, but I'd feel a lot better about the situation with Snyder backing him up rather than Molina. Molina is a good backup (and Mussina's personal catcher, no longer needed), but if he gets more than 200 PAs next year, the Yankees are in trouble.

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youre dumb said...

wow thats fuckin dumb chris young sucked even before this season (when this was written) and cano is nasty youre an idiot no wonder no one reads this shit