Monday, December 1, 2008

Yankee Front Office Shows Its Incompetence

I'm at a loss. A total and complete loss. There is no explanation that can be provided that would justify the decision made today to not offer arbitration to Andy Pettitte and Bobby Abreu. All goodwill generated with the Swisher trade has been completely flushed down the toilet in a single afternoon.

I'm racking my brain trying to figure out this decision. Best I can tell, the only downside is that you could end up overpaying on one year, non-guaranteed, completely tradable contracts for two players who have already shown they can perform at a high level in a Yankee uniform. Can someone give Cashman a call and let him know that his current rotation includes Hughes, Aceves, AND Kennedy? And that the Mets and Cubs are both looking for LH bats in RF?

Mark my words, Cashman's ego will drag the Yankees down to the bottom of the AL East and all the bullsh!t writers and baseball "purists" will applaud how smart he is for cutting salaries and attempting to win using home-grown talent. Winning #27 with the league's highest payroll is not good enough for him since no one will say he's the smartest GM in baseball.

Bottom line, when you generate the highest revenues, you should have the highest payroll. And if you use the highest payroll in even a semi-intelligent way, the result is championships. Winning a championship with a low payroll brings no more satisfaction than winning one with a high payroll to anyone except Cashman.

Hal, Hank -- surely you both have more sense than this?

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