Thursday, December 4, 2008

Trade Proposal

Above almost anything else, the Yankees value OBP. The dynasty that was the late 90's was built on a philosophy of making pitchers work, getting on base, and then getting clutch hits. How many times did you hear announcers say the Yankees were experiencing success because they brought an NL style baseball to the AL? It's a model that the Red Sox have adopted (immitation as the sincerest form of flattery) with great success, and one the Yankees have gotten away from lately.

Nick Swisher is definitely a step in the right direction in getting back to those roots. Last year he averaged 4.5 pitches per plate appearance -- by way of comparison, Bobby Abreu (known for his patience) averaged 4.3. One Yankee not known for his patience is Xavier Nady (3.7 P/PA). So where am I going with this?

Colorado is in a bind with the huge contract they have with Todd Helton. Assuming his option year will be declined, he's got three years left on his deal that will pay him $57M. That's awfully stiff for a club that had a 2008 opening day payroll of $68M.

The Yankees are also in a bind with their CF situation, and I've made my case before that Spilborghs is the answer. So here's the deal:

Nady + Kennedy to COL for Helton + Spilborghs + $5M/year

The Yankees shift Swisher to RF, and put Helton at 1B and Spilborghs in CF. Spilborghs still isn't arbitration eligible and would be playing for the minimum, while Helton would be coming over at about 3 years / $42M. And in 3 years (if things go according to plan), Montero ought to be ready for the big apple.

For the Rockies, they save enough to sign Atkins to a long term deal and plant him at 1B, allowing Stewart to take over at 3B. They move Hawpe to LF (where his defense is better hidden), Nady to RF, and still have Taveras/Fowler in CF. On top of that, Kennedy moves to the back end of their rotation and comes on the cheap with some potential upside.

Seems like a win/win type trade that should be done, but probably won't ...


Mathew said...

problem with that is Helton will not play for the Yankees. He has said that many times!

The Director said...

I think that's where Cashman would need to show he can persuade a player to do something without having 161,000,000 reasons to do so.

Seriously though, you turn it into a sell job. Helton flirted with accepting a trade to Boston a few years back -- not sure why he'd exclude the Yankees.