Friday, November 14, 2008

Yankees with a bold move

It's being widely reported that the Yankees went after the big fish today with a 6 year $140M deal. While *slightly* higher than most opening offers, I'd imagine it had the desired effect -- Sabathia has been served notice that if he truly wants to play in the NL and on the west coast, he'll be taking less money and years than what the Yankees are willing to put on the table.

Slightly more disturbing is news that the Yankees are also preparing offers for Burnett and Lowe. I guess with the uncertainty around Pettitte and Mussina, Cashman is planning for all contingencies, but I'm not a big Burnett or Lowe fan. Burnett's stuff is electric, but his inconsistency and injury history would be enough to keep me away. And Lowe seems far better suited to the NL (and in front of a good infield defense) rather than NY.

Given Mussina and Pettitte seem content with short term deals, my preferred rotation for '09 would be Sabathia - Wang - Joba - Mussina - Pettitte, with Hughes and Aceves in the 6 and 7 holes. That's pretty strong, and it also offers the Yankees greater flexibility over the next few years for FA or help from the minors.

Think of it this way:

Sabathia v. Beckett
Wang v. Matsuzaka
Joba v. Lester
Mussina v. Lowe (?)
Pettitte v. Wakefield

I like the Yankees chances ...

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