Friday, November 21, 2008

Two more options for CF

The hunt for a CF for 2009 continues, and two other names that seem to be getting some play are David DeJesus and Cody Ross.

DeJesus is signed to a team friendly deal, which, like Spilborghs and the Rockies, means that the Royals don't have much incentive to move him. He is a NY native and gets some extra credit for that from Yankee fans, but I'm lukewarm on him. He's another LH bat, plays pretty good defense, but he's not exactly a lead off hitter and he's not going to bang out many HRs. He would be a good #2 hitter for the Yankees, but that spot is currently occupied, and unless the Yankees plan on shipping out Damon and letting Jeter lead off, I don't believe he will be worth what KC will be asking for him.

Cody Ross would be an interesting acquisition. He hits for power from the right side, plays excellent defense, but he's not exactly the most patient guy in the world. Marcel projects him to hit .266/.331/.485, which would look awfully good from CF when combined with his defense. That said, I'm not sure what FLA would be looking for in exchange. They have Cameron Maybin penciled in as their CF of the future -- would a Kennedy-based deal get him?

My preferences (in order) to fill the vacancy in CF in 2009:

1. Ryan Spilborghs
2. Cody Ross
3. David DeJesus

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