Sunday, November 16, 2008

CF option?

One of the most overlooked players I continue to come across in searching for the next Yankee CF is Ryan Spilborghs. He can play above average defense in the corners and average defense in CF, he works the count and takes his share of walks, and the guy can hit. And yet, the Rockies have never managed to get him more than 275 ABs.

The Rockies don't have much motivation to move him (don't think he's arbitration eligible until after 2009), so the price might be slightly steeper than if he had a big contract, but surely he could be pried loose with a reasonable offer.

There is much love for Ian Kennedy among Yankee fans (I'm not one of them), and Kennedy's name has come up in connection with Colorado in the past. How about a Kennedy for Spilborghs deal? Let's be honest, Kennedy has slipped considerably on the depth chart, especially if the Yankees are sincere and able to pull off their expected FA signings, and now might very well be the time to deal him. Why not fill a need in the process?

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