Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yankee Depth Chart Entering '08-'09 Hot Stove

Here's what the '09 Yankees look like before "shopping" season begins:

C: Posada
1B: Miranda
2B: Cano
3B: Arod
SS: Jeter
LF: Damon
CF: Cabrera
RF: Nady
DH: Matsui

Bench: Molina, Duncan, Betemit, Gardner

SP1: Wang
SP2: Hughes
SP3: Kennedy
SP4: Aceves
SP5: Rasner

Bullpen: Britton, Albaladejo, Bruney, Veras, Ramirez, Chamberlain, Rivera

Obviously, a few assumptions have been made -- Melky getting another shot in CF, Joba coming out of the bullpen, etc. That said, I think this is the hand the Yankees are playing as they head into this offseason. Payroll for the above will come in around $140M, and assuming a neutral payroll number for next year, the Yankees will have somewhere in the vicinity of $60M to spend on upgrades.

How would you spend it?

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