Sunday, September 14, 2008

Road to Recovery - Part I

Without question, the worst Yankee season in over a decade will mercifully come to a close in a couple of weeks. Moose isn't getting his 20 wins, Arod will get to 100 runs and RBIs, and barring a mini-slump or a couple days off, Jeter should close out the stadium with more hits than any other player.

That aside, almost every Yankee fan's thoughts have turned to 2009, my own included. There are a million opinions out there on what the Yankees should do -- most begin with potential free agent signings, but before getting into those, I'd recommend a couple of trades. In the interest of keeping things reasonably short, I'll hit them one post at a time.

Cano to the White Sox for Nick Swisher

I don't doubt Cano's ability to rebound from his struggles at the plate, and this is more of a "make both teams better" trade than any sort of indictment of his future. Cano is extremely talented, but his occasional lapses in focus and his (outwardly anyway) indifferent attitude represent what went wrong this year with the Yankees -- a lack of heart. Swisher didn't put up the numbers Chicago expected, and with the White Sox poised to move Alexei Ramirez to SS in '09, Cano would fit nicely for the next few years at 2B. And to be honest, Ozzie Guillen may very well be the type of manager under which Cano would thrive.

For the Yankees, Swisher would bring some toughness to a Yankee team that lacks it, and would have no problem providing swift kicks in the rear end when needed. This trade makes sense for both teams, and so, Swisher is in my opening day Yankee lineup at 1B.

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