Sunday, September 7, 2008

The day the music died

No one can point to when exactly it happened or what series of events caused it, but at this point, even the most die hard Yankee optimist would have to admit that the latest Yankee run is over. The team in its current state is old, overpaid, injured, beaten, and most surprisingly, completely void of what could only be called heart. It's been a heck of a run since '96, but whatever magic they had is long since gone.

Brian Cashman is running the show, having won the internal power struggle for control, and he has presided over a steady decline in on field performance in an environment of record payrolls. He has thrown bad money after good in trying to preserve what he inherited, but the results speak for themselves -- a team playing out the string, with nothing to play for in what should have been a time to honor Yankee stadium and Yankee fans with one more magical October.

His efforts at "building from within" are noble and widely lauded in the press, but completely ineffective and far better employed with a team who's resources aren't what he has at his disposal in New York. If I have one wish this offseason, it's that the baby bosses see him for what he is, a totally inept Yankee GM, rather than the image he has worked so hard to cultivate as an academic baseball purist.

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